Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bead Hoarders' Blog Hop

Yes, this is my second blog hop for today.  When the talented Lori Anderson was putting together a new blog hop for Bead Hoarders, I thought, well shoot, I'm gonna have to participate in that.  I'm a bead hoarder.  This is one box of art beads.

Just one.  There are more.  I may need help.  There are lovelies in here from Kylie Parry, Menagerie Studio, Gaea, Spirited Earth, Golem Studio, Humblebeads, Tree Wings Studio, Jangles, and many more.  I don't only hoard art beads, I'm an equal opportunity hoarder.  I collect all beads, expensive, cheap, glass, plastic, metal or ceramic, I buy them all.  I store them in little boxes and wait for inspiration to strike. 

My first necklace is with all Gaea beads.  I strung them on a simple suede cord and the length is adjustable.

This next necklace features a ceramic pendant from Kylie Parry and vintage Lucite beads. 

Some more Gaea beads and a cute little owl pendant.  I added two silver leaves I have had for about four years and was saving for something special.

Bracelets.  The brown one has a "wisdom" bead from Diane Hawkey, a Jade Scott birdie pendant, a purple bracelet made with a tiny owl clasp, and an orange and teal bracelet with a Humblebeads house and Green Girl Studios flower charm.

I have had this heart pendant from Green Girl Studios for awhile, but could never figure out what I wanted to put with it.  I added some multicolored glass beads and yellow suede cord.   

I love the unique polymer pendants from Menagerie Studios.  I have had this particular pendant for a couple of years, but was saving it for something special.  This design isn't terribly unique, but very sparkly and wearable.  I think I might give this one to my mom.  

And last, but not least, these cute little earrings featuring charms from the Jangles line from Michaels, which I keep stockpiling every time I end up there.
Thanks for stopping by, and have fun hopping!! 

Tree Wings Studio Beads

I have been a fan of Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio beads since I saw her sweet sleeping animal beads.  Needless to say, I needed to own some.  Or all.  I have even had a necklace made with one of her rustic pendants in the fall issue of Jewelry Stringing Magazine awhile back.  So when I saw she was having a giveaway with a chance to win some and make something with them, I jumped at the chance.  I was shocked when I won, first time ever.  Here's what I made:

I added a sweet little tassel to the bottom of the polymer clay bead and added some ceramic beads and silver chain.

The bracelet has matching ceramic beads and the clasp is made with a link from the chain.

Thanks for the chance to play with your beads, Rebekah!  Here is the rest of the hop!

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