Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Pretty Palettes

I loved the palette for this month's Pretty Palette. 

 I love the gold and silver together and knew right away what I wanted to make. I went and got some of the sliders and some shiny gray glass beads.  

I added in some of the pretty top drilled black beads and simple silver colored rounds.  

I made some earrings with some extra materials I had from making something else on my bead tray.  They don't really match, but still cute to wear separately.  Please check out the Halcraft Blog to see what everyone else made.  Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Heather and Lorelei's Michaels Challenge

saw this Michaels challenge on the Humblebeads blog and knew I wanted to participate.  Check out these beads - 

Super cute, right?  They didn't have the faceted stone beads and I added some green glass rondells, resin flowers and rhinestone spacer beads.  But those frosted beads looked like snowballs to me and I have this secret yearning for a snowy, wintry Christmas.  But, seeing as I live in Orlando, these little snowball beads are the closest I'm going to get.  Here's what I made-

Part of the challenge was to incorporate beads from a small business, a bead store or bead artist.  I picked out this fun cream colored flower pendant that I actually won this year from a blog giveaway with Lorelei Eurto.  It's from Classic Bead.

I also added a little Humblebeads spacer and strung it with some waxed linen.  This next one is my favorite.

I just can't even with that little fox bead.  He's wearing a scarf and is too stinking cute.  My little fox and the rest of the polymer clay beads come from Humblebeads too.

I made two pairs of earrings with the leftovers.  

That's all, please visit everyone else to see what they made.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Pretty Palettes

This month's challenge palette was a little hard for me.  I'm a fan of both orange and gray, but I can't picture them together in one piece.  So I kinda cheated and made two, one with orange and one with gray.  Here's the palette:

Pretty, right?  Here are the beads I picked-

My first necklaces are made with some adorable ceramic turkeys from Jennifer Heynan, just in time for Thanksgiving.

One for me and one for my Ma.  The next piece I made and have been wearing pretty much all the time.  It's sparkly and I love it.

Please check the Halcraft blog to see what everyone else came up with.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Pretty Palettes

I loved the paintings for this month's palette.  So pretty.  When I went to Michaels to check out the beads, I was inspired by these in particular.

Something about them really spoke to me.  I made quite a few necklaces with them including this one which I think matches the palette pretty well.

I used some of the new statement pieces in this and I just love the way it turned out.  

I would have taken a picture of myself with it on, but I have not quite mastered the art of taking a selfie.  I'm off to check out what everyone else made, stop by the Halcraft blog to see for yourself.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pretty Palettes September

Today is the reveal day for the Pretty Palettes Challenge for September.  Here is the palette:

September Palette

And here's what I came up with:

I added some purple glass beads and some freshwater pearls to the beads that Erin sent to me.  

This is a longer necklace that features a pendant from the Lipstick Ranch with secret message on the back.

My second necklace features the large off white pearls and I just happened to have 2 gray Humblebeads disk beads that I added to each side.

I used the pink glass beads with some pearls to make a wrap bracelet.

I even made earrings, which Is always harder for me to do because I never wear them.

Please check out the Halcraft blog to see what everyone else came up with.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pretty Palettes September - ME!!!!

Every month, the Halcraft Blog has a color challenge hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz.  And each month she picks a person to play along.  This month she picked me.  Yea, for me, beads in the mail!!  One of the small pleasures in life, beads in the mail.  This is the palette that was picked for September.

Mmmm, yummy.  Makes me want cake.  Mmmm.  Anyway, these are the beads I received.

Purples and pinks and a little off white and silver.  This is a little preview of what I came up with.

Come back on September 24th to see the finished designs.  If you want to play along, check out the Halcraft blog for details.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pretty Palettes Challenge for August

Look at me, two months in a row of bead challenges.  With my oldest back in school, I hope to have more time to make stuff and show it off here on the blog.  This month the palette was a pretty mix of teal, fuschia, brown and off white.  Here is the inspiration:

And here's what I did:

Stacking bracelets.  I'm really into making stretchy bracelets lately.  I think it's because they are quick and easy and fun to wear.  I can't stand wearing jewelry I have to fuss with.  These, you slip them on and that's it.  Here's a picture of what they look like together:

All the beads are from Bead Gallery at Michaels.  Stay tuned, I have some exciting news for September!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pretty Palettes

I have been following along with the as Pretty Palettes Challenges every month on the Halcraft blog.  I always want to make something, but can never find the time.  This month's palette was a pretty mint green, yellow and gray.  I found myself at Michaels and picked up some beads that would work (for 50% off, too!).  

I'm really into this style of bracelet lately.  It's a wrap with beads strung on waxed linen and attached to a leather loop with a button.
Bonus-it can be worn as a necklace too. I used a mix of mint and green beads with some tiny silver flower spacers.  I couldn't find any yellow beads I was in love with, so these mint glass beads with tiny yellow splotches are what I chose.  I love all of the other pieces that were made this month, great inspiration!  Can't  wait to see next month's palette.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Fever Design Challenge

When I heard about this Spring Fever Blog hop, I knew I wanted to try and get a set of adorable spring beads.  But not because I have been longing for spring.  I live in Orlando and we have two seasons, really hot and eh, it's not that bad today.  These beads were too cute to not want to try.  I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure what color scheme I was going to get.  I lucked out and received purple, yellow and green, three of my favorites.  Of course I didn't take a picture of the beads because as soon as I got them, I wanted to start stringing.
I ended up with three pieces.  I bracelet made with one of the ceramic birds, a lighter purple bead and a ceramic lentil bead with tiny purple flowers.  I used some wooden slice beads and a purple flower toggle to finish it off.  

I wanted to make a charm necklace with the ceramic leaf so I wire wrapped some tiny purple seed beads around a copper circle and added some extra flowers and beads dangling from the bottom.  I used the second bird to attach the circle to
some tan suede cord.  
The last necklace I'm not crazy about.  I used some yellow beads and wire wrapped purple flowers before adding the green ceramic rounds.  I finished it off with some purple jade beads.  I might do it over.  I don't know, I can't stand taking stuff apart.
The one thing I didn't use was the sari silk.  It was a lovely purple color, but I just couldn't figure out what to do with it.  I'm saving it for another day.  

Please check out what everyone else made:

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Friday, January 3, 2014

December AJE Challenge

This is the second time this past year that I have lucked out and won one of Rebekah's beads to design with.  I was particularly excited about this challenge because of the awesome bead.  I have put this bead in and taken it out of my shopping cart on Etsy many times due to budgetary constraints.  I would have posted a picture of just the bead, but I was too excited and strung it right away.  

I meant to make a bracelet, but I found these ombré olive beads and I thought they went well with the other pieces for a necklace.  I'm not sure you can see on te close up of the bead, but there is a subtle blue running through the olive green.  So pretty up close.  

Thanks Rebekah, your beads are always so well made.  Thanks for stopping by and please check out what everyone else made.

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