Friday, January 3, 2014

December AJE Challenge

This is the second time this past year that I have lucked out and won one of Rebekah's beads to design with.  I was particularly excited about this challenge because of the awesome bead.  I have put this bead in and taken it out of my shopping cart on Etsy many times due to budgetary constraints.  I would have posted a picture of just the bead, but I was too excited and strung it right away.  

I meant to make a bracelet, but I found these ombré olive beads and I thought they went well with the other pieces for a necklace.  I'm not sure you can see on te close up of the bead, but there is a subtle blue running through the olive green.  So pretty up close.  

Thanks Rebekah, your beads are always so well made.  Thanks for stopping by and please check out what everyone else made.

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