Thursday, April 28, 2011

My handsome boy and new stuff

Today started out pretty well.  I kept sneaking over to You Tube to watch the new Harry Potter trailer.  (Yes, I am a nerd, but that is okay-I accept it.  The movie looks amazing though.)  I had to take my boy to get his haircut.  This is not a fun chore.  I kept putting it off and putting it off until finally it had to be done.  When his hair is not cut in awhile it takes on a life of its own.  Oh and did I mention he loathes getting his haircut?  Like hold him down, cry the whole time despise getting his haircut?  It went as smooth as it was going to go and then I took the traumatized child to Mc Donald's.  He wanted nothing to do with the lollipop offered as an incentive to sit and get his haircut (my child does not like candy) so something else had to be suggested as payment.

When I got home though, I did have this super duper cuteness sitting in my mailbox.  It is wrong that I only like getting the mail when I know that there will be beads in there?  These are from Tree Wings Studio.

After the boy went down for his nap, I got a chance to make a couple of things.  Which was nice, I haven't made anything all week, stuff just kept getting in the way.

A set that was made with all beads I bought on clearance.  Sale beads are my weakness.

A bracelet made with some more clearance beads and a ceramic pendant from Meltin Mudd Studio.

I got this pendant and these beads the other week at the bead show.  I keep meaning to post my goodies from the show, I just need to pull them all out.

And this lovely pendant and set of ceramic beads from Gaea.  I bought those purple beads at Michaels but I originally thought they were light blue.  They were not, but they worked out okay for this pendant.

That's all - hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Button Swap

I would have blogged about the lovely buttons that my swap partner, Linda Landig sent to me, but my computer decided it no longer wanted to work.  When I received my buttons I had no idea what I was going to make.  I only decided about two days ago and completed my projects.  The thing was they were unlike anything that I had ever worked with and I was stumped.  I wanted to do something awesome, but awesome was not coming to me so I went with simple.

This first button is from Thailand and I loved the navy blue color-it is my favorite.  I had some gold and blue spacers and added tiny seed beads.

This next piece uses a vintage German glass button, seed beads, yellow jade, green suede and a tiny hot air ballon pendant.

Close up of the button.

That's all, thanks so much to Michelle for organizing the swap!  These are the other participants:

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2. Cindy - Sweet Bead Studio

3. Cory - Art with Moxie

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7. Erin - Treasures Found

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9. Inca - Zerenity Design

10. Katrine - Army of Sock Monsters

11. Krista - French Elegant Jewelry

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22. Saskia - Perlendistel

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25.  Stephanie - That's Me!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New pendants!

My laptop is still dead. We gave it to someone else to see if they could work any magic on it. I did want to show off some new pendants that I got in the mail yesterday from Spirited Earth. Check them out on my flickr because I cannot figure out how to put them here from my phone. I have to get cracking on my button project for the button swap. Hopefully I will have a computer before then. Going to a bead show this weekend, I am sure I will have lots of eye candy to show. Must stick to my budget this time though. Well I don't know - we'll see.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My computer died

Gateway laptop ?-2011. RIP. The computer fixers have it, trying to see if they can resuscitate it. I am trying to post this from my phone, so I don't know how it is going to turn out. I wanted to show some new beads that I got from Black Market Minerals. But trying to upload pictures from my phone is apparently beyond my capabilities. So, when I have my computer back there will be lots to show. Have a good rest of the week!