Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Blog Hop

I love Halloween.  Not sure why because I'm not that fond of candy or dressing up.  I think it might be because it is the start of the holiday season and I love this part of the year.  I especially love making holiday jewelry, even if I don't wear it that often.
My first piece is actually a redo, I made it awhile ago, but I didn't like the clasp or how I finished it.  The pumpkin, crow and spiderweb beads are by Kylie Parry.

Another shot of the beads.

My next necklace is with a gorgeous pendant by Golem Studios.  They made such great ceramic beads and pendants they are some of my favorites.  

Close up of the pendant.  Well, that's it for me, please hop around to see what everyone else made.  Thanks for stopping by!

Kathleen Breeding

Sue Kennedy

Dianne Miller

Lisa Liddy

Toltec Jewels

Linda Landig

Laura Medeiros

Veralynne Malone

Lynn Jobber

Michelle McCarthy

Karen Totten

Jayne Capps

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Joan Miller

Melissa Meman

Melissa Trudinger

Kari Asbury

Inge von Roos

Andrea Glick 

Stephanie LaRosa  - you're here!

Lola Surwillo

Jennifer Cameron

Diane Hawkey

Kristi Harrison

Nicole Valentine Rimmer

Tanya Goodwin

Shai Williams

Sandra McGriff

Sarajo Wentling

Marie Covert

Lisa Stukel

Laurie Vyselaar

Sherri Stokey

Pam Traub

Lori Dorrington

Kristen Stevens

Eleanor Burian-Mohr

Sally Russick

Dawn M. Gallop


  1. Cool pieces! I like the spiderweb piece in the first necklace and the beads you chose for the second one really add to the design - the subtle dot pattern on the round ones really adds interest.

  2. LOOOVE your spider web necklace- I'd wear that year round- its great!

  3. I want you to know, you have fabulous taste in beads. Love what you made, especially the spiderweb necklace. Thanks for participating!

  4. Your necklaces are awesome. I love the little bird in the first one.

  5. I love both your necklaces!! Awesome work!! Thanks so much for sharing...Happy Halloween!

  6. I really like the first necklace, I love all things halloween but most of the halloween jewelry is too..bright..bold to wear to the corporate office where I work (my day job). This peice would be perfect for work on Halloween, refined with a touch of Halloween fun. Love it! Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  7. Those are really nice. And like Lori said, subtle enough for work.

  8. beautiful work :) The witch bead is fabulous, but I think the spiderweb necklace is my fave (omg, what's with ME liking spider stuff this year! >.< gah! lol)

  9. Awesome focals and you set them off beautifully!

  10. I really love both pieces. I don't think I could pick a favorite. They are each so different but I do like that they both have more subtle color Halloween themed jewelry goes. They also have a very traditional or vintage kind of feel to them...very nice :)

  11. I love both pieces! I don't wear holiday jewlery either, but that should probably change :-)

  12. The web necklace is really striking. You notice the web right away and the bird and pumpkin are subtle surprises when you get closer. Really nice!

  13. I really like both the focals you picked and what you did with them... especially the web one!

  14. Love that vanilla/gray/black combo for that necklace and how you used all those black beads in different shapes. Great design chops! Happy Hallowe'en!!

  15. I like your beads, the spider web is really cute! The pumpkins and crow really made the necklace have a lot of character. You finished it really nicely