Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Loot

I received the perfect Valentine's present - a gift card to buy beads.  He knows me so well.  The Michaels by where I live recently added a ton of new beads to their stock and everything was 50% this week.  So, I went and had some fun.  I do not live anywhere close to a bead store (the closest one with anything good is about a 45 minute drive from me), so I have to rely on craft stores and online shopping to buy my beads.  I do get a bead show twice a year, but that is it.  I always get excited when I see new stuff at the craft store.  Here are the goods -

Some ceramic beads, carved beads, ceramic spacers, resin beads, glass beads and two hole magnesite spacers

Apparently in my bead shopping excitement, I accidentally purchased two of the purple stone strands.

This last set are all new two hole slider beads.  I have a huge mother's day order I need to get working on and these will become bracelet and earring sets.

That's all!  I will post some pictures when I get around to actually making something.

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