Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Art Bead Scene Challenge

It is only the 3rd of March, but I already completed and entered into the Art Bead Scene Challenge.  The prizes this month were just too great to pass up an opportunity to win them.  This is very unlike me - usually I am a major procrastinator.  Plus, I hadn't made anything all week so it was good to get some stuff done.  This is my piece -

The pendant is from Green Girl Studios and the ceramic beads are from Golem Studio.

I also had a chance to make some other stuff with some ceramic art beads that I have been hoarding.

The pendant is by Summers Studio and I attached it to the necklace with some ribbon because I didn't have a extra jumpring handy.

Same thing no jumpring - and the flowers and clasp might look a little familiar, I used them in my challenge piece.  But I was too lazy to get up and go into the bead warehouse (aka my office) to get my bag of clasps and spacers.  So I used what I had on my laptray.  The pendant and beads are Gaea beads.

And again with the flowers.

And just to finish them up - one more time.  Those beads are also Golem Studio.  They are so pretty in person.

That's all for now - I am putting together my first giveaway.  I have got to get some of these beads out of my studio, stay tuned.