Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I got issues

Blog post titles are not coming to me today, so I will just go with this.  Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by for Lorelei and Shannon's Lima Beads Challenge!  Everyone made such great pieces.  I loved seeing how different people came up with different ideas from the same stuff. 

I should be cleaning my bathrooms right now, but instead I am trolling on Etsy buying art beads that I know I don't need and shouldn't get.  But, I cannot help myself.  They sit there and call to me.  Buy me Stephanie, you know you want to.  Add a sale to that, and I have zero self control. 

I had to pick up my son from school today because he broke out in hives.  I mean the kid is convered in them.  He had them yesterday, took him to the doctor and they said give him Benadryl.  I went to three different drug stores to get Benadryl and was told in the last one that they have taken Children's Benadryl off the market.  This is not comforting to me.  I bought the generic Wal-Dryl and have been giving that to him.  They went away and this morning, seeing as he was almost back to normal I sent him on his way.  Forty five minutes later, I am on the phone with the nurse, asking me to come get him.  He broke out again, in all new places.  Really?  Come on. Since he started school he has been sick three times (three out of three of those times passing along the cold to me) and now hives.  What are they doing to him? 

Here's hoping for some non sick days.  At least I have new beads coming my way.  :)

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