Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Magic Kingdom Adventure and More Photo Collages

One good thing about living in Orlando is that you are close to and can access the theme parks whenever you want.  One bad thing about living in Orlando is that your 4 year old knows that there are theme parks and he wants to go to them all of the time.  It was so nice out this weekend we decided to take him to the Magic Kingdom.  It was lots of fun, but very crowded.  That park is so small and it is usually the busiest, which makes for a bad combination.  My boy wanted to ride the race cars, so we rode the race cars. 

Those suckers are frickin hard to drive.  I had to use all of the non-existent muscles in my leg to get it to move and then if you take your foot off a little bit, it completely stops.

This is me trying to prevent him from diving out of said race car.

All in all, we had a good time.  He was beat by the time we got home and was mellow for the rest of the night.  I haven't been making much stuff lately, which is not good, because I have a show coming up on November 19th.  Here is some of the new stuff that I have made for it. 

I really cannot get enough of these photo collages.  Hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. My name iw Gina and I am from Greece. I like your earringw. Very good work. Have a good week.