Monday, February 6, 2012

Bead Soup Ingredients

Same old, same old going on over here.  Not much new to report.  I did receive my bead soup from my partner, Vonna and I finally got a picture taken that I wanted to share. 

A really neat lampwork focal made by Vonna, some strands of pearls, a stone bead and some pink accent beads.  There is also some brown leather cord and antique brass chain and clasps.  I think I may have an idea for what I can make, but we will see if it turns out the way I am picturing in my head.

This is the soup I sent to Vonna, a ceramic focal from Starry Road Studio, Czech glass, wood beads and two clasps.  She took a much better photo of all my stuff on her blog, go check it out.  Can't wait to see what see makes with it!


  1. Great soup on both sides Steph! Can't wait to see what you create!

  2. Best of luck getting the soup ingredients to come together like you've envisioned. I know that can be the hardest part sometimes.

    I really like the colors of the stuff you sent. There's just something about that garnet color. Really nice!

  3. Ohhh, pearls and chain! What a great combination.

    Happy creating!

    -- Sarah

  4. What a great picture Stephanie.. I am sure your design is going to be fabulous and that idea in your head will come to fruition! I can't wait to see! I absolutely love what you sent to me! I thank you!
    Have fun creating! -- vonna
    **The 6 mm pink beads are rose quartz and the 10 mm are pink opal.. The larger stone is opal too! --

  5. Great Ingredients both to and from! Don't worry, it will come.