Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am having a rough week

Normally, I would never discuss something like this, but honestly I just have to get it off my chest.  My son has behavorial issues.

There.  I said it.  I am not ashamed of it, nor do I think that there is anything about him that is unfixable.  He just needs some extra attention.  A special class.

He started preschool this week and has been something of a handful.  He doesn't like to sit, and figets.  He runs ALOT.  He talks out of turn and doesn't seem to be mature enough to handle some of the tasks that the other children are capable of completing.  I have been letting my husband take him in to discuss some different options with the teacher.  I had to pick him up today.

While waiting in line at the open door, I saw a group of moms pointing and talking about my son.  What's wrong with him??? 

Logan has a birthday on Friday; he will be four.

When did it become acceptable for a group of adults to stand around and make fun of a child? 

Why are our kids bullies?  Because we are.  We show them how to act through our actions.  We tell them to not pick on someone but then do the complete opposite. 

Maybe everyone should remember those lessons we learned in preschool.  Being nice to others.  Not saying mean things about anyone.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.

I'm sure they weren't aware that the child's mother was standing not 6 inches from their little group, but that certainly doesn't make right.

Logan will be fine.  He will have every chance and every help I can provide to him.  He is not a mean child, nor an angry one.  He's silly, happy and funny.  He loves babies and animals, and I would not trade him for a dozen calm children. 

Maybe if everyone just make the effort to be a little bit nicer to one person, other people would do the same.  Then maybe our kids would be nicer to each other too.

Ok, end of rant.  We will now return to our regularly scheduled program of beads and beady things. 

I am still waiting on my bead soup, hopefully I should hear something soon......


  1. Adults should NEVER make fun of a child. EVER.

  2. Oh Steph, I'm so sorry for those horrible women. It seems impossible that people can be so mean so nonchalantly. What Lori said is absolutely true. Their behavior is never acceptable. Your son will be fine. He has fine parents. (P.S., my oldest son had similar issues at the same age. He is now a 20 year old college student.)

  3. Your son will be more then fine, he has a great role model in you!

  4. I'm with Lori, it is totally unacceptable for adults to make fun of a child. And I believe you are absolutely right that bullying behavior is learned from adult role models. I also believe that your son will be fine. All children grow up at their own pace. Just keep loving him for the unique little guy that he is.