Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I have to go on a bead diet

This does not make me happy.  I think I would be less cranky if I had to go on a real diet and only eat salads and stuff.  Giving up carbs and ice cream, no problem.  Beads?  Not so much.  But in the interest of saving money, no more beads.  For right now.  This month.  Next month?  It's my birthday so we will see.  So in lieu of my weekly perusing the bead aisles at Michaels or Joann or Hobby Lobby, I went shopping in my office (aka the bead warehouse) to see what I might have forgotten about.  And found all the stuff to make this:

Just sitting in a box, totally forgotten about.  Wondering why it had not been turned into this yet.

So there you go, maybe it won't be so bad for right now.

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