Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I was naughty today

I ordered a lot of beads online.  I just received some money for some sales I made over the holidays and since extra bead money has a tendency to burn a hole in my pocket, I had to spend it.  I discovered a new vintage lucite vendor on etsy, blacksheepbeads.etsy.com, and I am in love.  They have some great items and the prices are very reasonable.  You get more beads for your money and they have different bulk listings.  I cannot wait until they land in my mailbox.

I also received my Bead Soup Party partner and we exchanged information about our beady packages.  I am so excited!!  I picked out the beads and pendant that I think I am going to send, along with two clasps for her to pick which one she likes better.  I will post some pictures after she has received the package!

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