Friday, January 7, 2011


I never make New Year's resolutions.   I don't keep them.  This year I thought I would try.  I was going to try to use up the beads I have and not buy new ones.  And floss more.  And start a blog.  I know it's random, but I don't really have any other vicey/bad behavior.  I already blew the first one.  I got all gift cards to Joann's & Michaels for Christmas, and then they put their beads on sale.  What's a girl to do?  And then I bought some beads on-line; I saw this adorable heart pendant from Gaea beads and I needed it.  I really did.  I am already envisioning the necklace it will become.  So it had to come home to me.  And then Ornamentea was having a free shipping event, so I decided I needed beads from there too (but truth be told, I bought those before the first of the year, so that counts).  I guess I am not meant to stop buying beads, at least not yet.  I did take some picture of some of my stash as I was going through it to see what combinations I was going to put together.  I will post pictures when they are completed.

Vintage Groove pendant, acrylic oval beads, off white shell rounds - (Joanns) purple/pinkish iridescent czech glass beads, pink and brown faceted glass roundels - (Michaels). 

Vintage Groove Pendant, gray round shell beads - (Joanns), gray round shell beads, large clear czech glass, black glass rounds - (Michaels)

Vintage Groove Pendant, Off white shell beads - (Joanns), brown shell ovals, amber colored coral stick beads, brown czech glass - (Michaels)

Polymer Clay pendant from Menagerie Studio, copper connectors, teal and copper glass beads (Michaels)

I know the pictures aren't the greatest, but I took them on my phone while my boy was sleeping.  I will take better pictures when the pieces are finished.  And I still have about $75 in gift cards to spend - they will be saved for another day.  I seem to be collecting many colors of shell round beads, completely unintentionally.  I guess 2 out of 3 resolutions isn't that bad.

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