Monday, January 10, 2011

You learn something new everyday

Or night as the case may be.  I had no idea that when people left a comment on your blog, it sent you an email.  Thanks so much to everyone who visited and left a nice comment yesterday.  I am super excited about this bead soup challenge.  I have never participated in a challenge before, so I can't wait.

I also learned that a Nook, my beloved Christmas present, will sometimes not download a book for no specific reason and that the customer service representative that you speak with at 11 o'clock at night can have no idea either.  They suck you in with a sample of the book, leaving you hanging mid-sentence, and then the rest of the book will not download.  You know what would have worked - a book with a cover and pages.  I will try it again today, customer service might be receiving another call.

I wanted to share some of the necklaces that I made yesterday while my son was taking a nap.  I posted a picture of these beads:

Which became this necklace:

This is a close-up of the focal, it is super light and actually stays on the side.  I didn't add a clasp because it just slips over my head.  The pendant is from the Vintage Groove line, which is really adorable if you haven't seen it yet.  I bought mine at Joann's, but I think they sell them online at Fusion Beads too.

And these beads became this:

The pendant is another Vintage Groove piece and is super lightweight.

That is all for today, I am off to battle with my Nook.

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  1. Oh gosh -- I'm so sorry -- but when you wrote this....

    You know what would have worked - a book with a cover and pages.

    .... I laughed out loud. I so can understand that!