Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scrapbooking Supplies?

Maybe it is just me, but I look at these and I think jewelry:

I see ring blanks with the larger plastic flowers and tiny earring studs with the smaller ones.  I think I may take the fabric flowers and glue a backing to them so that I can use them as a pendant.  These both came from Michaels.  I was in there the other day and they have really been updating the scrapbooking section.  I always check the scrapbooking section when I go in, I never know when I will find something unique to add to my designs.  I found a set of 5 pendants once, for $2.99.  They were actual metal pendants with loops at the top and jumprings.   They had lots more of these flower packages, and different colors too.  Also tons of bright fabric flowers, which will be great for spring designs.  I am a huge fan of flowers in my jewelry, they last a lot longer then the real ones. 

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