Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cranky Pants

That's me today.  I'm cranky.  I'm still waiting on my new Stringing magazine.  I am starting to think that my mailman swiped it.  He doesn't look like he is down with making jewelry, but who knows?  I am also having a serious case of bead show envy.  I want to go see the largest bead show in the whole wide world.  I want to take a jewelry class; I never have and I think that I would love it.  But, most of all, the weather in Wisconsin.  I looked it up, the high is going to be 60.  60 in June, I could not even imagine it.  I would be in heaven.  Buying beads and wearing pants and not being hot.  (I just read that and it sounds kinda funny, like I don't wear pants.  I meant that I hate being hot and wearing shorts, ironic since I have lived in Florida for 20+ years.  One of my secret goals in life is to live somewhere I can wear pants year round and never put on shorts).  Maybe one year.  It would be quite the journey from down here, but I feel like I need to see it, just once.

Anyway, hope your week is going great and you are not a cranky pants like me.


  1. awww!! plan to go to B&B next year. we'll plan it together. I hate being hot also but it can get pretty hot in NY too.

  2. I totally feel you. I'm going to really try to save enough to go next year. Roomies?