Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Fine Art of Procrastination

Now, I should say that there is an amazing amount of work that I can accomplish without a three (almost four) year old chasing around after me.  I am almost completely done packing my house.  The kitchen and the closet are the only things left to do and I have until Saturday.  Plus all of the packing, moving, bending and sorting have left me with a whopper of a neck pain.  Like cannot really bend over to pick anything up.  Which sort of prevents me from actually packing.  So I am taking a break to do this challenge

So, first things first, I needed a muffin tin.  Apparently not a lot of muffin baking going on in my house.  I prefer to get my muffins outside the home.  One trip to Target later and I am all set with a muffin tin.  Next problem, all of my beads are boxed up.  In a moving box, with heavy duty tape covering them.  So I have no idea where anything is.  The only beads that are not sealed are contained in this plastic box. 

My "In Case of a Beading Emergency Crack Open and Bead Box"

This box contains all of the beads and whatnot from my purple laptray which is now cleaned off for the first time since its purchase.  So, I am going to pull 12 projects from the beads contained in this box and that is it.  Third issue, I have packed away my camera.  But I do have my not-so-fantastic camera on my phone and that will have to do.  I am off to go get started on my sorting, stay tuned.....

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